Colour of the Month Challenge with Big Chill

Hello my lovely readers! What… I’m alive?

I feel like I owe you all both an apology and explanation for my, shall we say, extended hiatus. My last post was nearly a month and a half ago and in those 5 weeks I was busy moving house and trying to keep up to date with schoolwork. And as a result of the whole moving house situation, I haven’t internet for the last few weeks (I still don’t, I’m currently hotspotting off my mum’s iPad haha!). So yes, these last few weeks have been hectic, to say the least, but I’m hoping to jump back into the swing of things and into the wonderful world of blogging. I’ve missed you! 🙂

So anyways, today I’ve been inspired by the wonderful and lovely people over at Big Chill to share with you guys My Colour of the Month Challenge. If you haven’t heard of Big Chill – you’re seriously missing out! – they’re a super great company founded in 2001 – which, by the way, was an amazing year with some seriously amazing people being born *cough cough me cough*… – that specialises in adding a bit more fun and colour into the kitchen with their wide range of colourful appliances.  I would definitely recommend heading over to Big Chill’s website and having a look at their products yourself, because I genuinely am in love with not only their appearance and aesthetics, but also the amount of personality and liveliness they bring to the kitchen (which is, undoubtedly, the best room in the house).

The whole concept of this challenge is how can one add some colour back into the kitchen, especially when so many kitchens are overrun by black or silver appliances?

Now I would show you a picture of my kitchen, but considering the whole moving house situation, it’s currently a bit of a pigsty. Instead, I’m going to share an inspiration board of sorts of the kind of items I would love to include in my absolute dream kitchen.

I feel as though a pretty good place to start would have to be with Big Chill’s stoves. So I did a little research to find that Big Chill do some absolutely gorgeous stoves (and fridges) in their Retro collection in a large range of colours, one of which being this super pretty light beach blue. I based my inspiration board on this colour and this was the result!

Big Chill inspiration board

I started with choosing the basics: grey tiles, a white brick splashback and white glossy benchtops. My goal was to achieve a look that was mostly modern, simplistic and clean but then inject a bit of colour and personality back into the room using, of course, Big Chill’s fridge and stove, along with some other beach blue-coloured appliances (I HAD to include a light blue Kitchenaid haha!). Then after that, I simply added in some finishing touches: silver chairs to complement the silver fixtures on the appliances, simple white hanging lighting, a couple mason jars and of course a potted plant to add a bright pop of green.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with how my kitchen turned out! Let me know what you think and if you choose to try out this challenge as well, please leave me a link to your post down below – I’d love to see your guys’ take on it.

Until next time,



One thought on “Colour of the Month Challenge with Big Chill

  1. I love the colours, such a gorgeous clean, yet pretty look. Hey we all need time out from blogging for different reasons, but it is great to see you back. Can’t believe I’ve been following you since your first post and watching you turn into this amazing young lady who is such a great blogger. Hope you get your internet back soon hon. Sammie x

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