Review: Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics Palette

Hello again! I’m sorry that this post is going up a day late, life has been busy once again haha. In exciting news, we got a Mac Mini (woooo!) so we’ve been spending a lot of time setting that up and getting everything sorted. We’ve also been taking advantage of the amazing Australian summer (sorry to those of you in the Northern Hemisphere haha!), spending a lot of time swimming and going to the beach and cycling and just having fun before I go back to school in a little under two weeks šŸ˜¦ So you can expect a ton of summer-related baking posts over the next few Sundays!

Today’s post is a review on theĀ Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics Palette which, yes, I know, it’s not an overly new palette but nonetheless it’s a great palette and I wanted to share it here on Sugar Smile!


The first thing I appreciate about this product is just how pigmented the shades are. Like the majority of Urban Decay eyeshadows, the shades are very opaque and smooth, soĀ they blend out beautifully. I do find that some shades are more pigmented than others (for example, Skimp and Frisk aren’t overly pigmented whereas Undone is out-of-this-world pigmented).

I have found that the shades can sometimes be a teeny bitĀ chalky and powdery and shades like Cover and Primal have a small amount of fall-out.

The longwear of these shades are pretty average, but obviously a good eye primer can increase the longevity of them significantly.

Each shade in this palette is matte and cool-toned which I love because I generally find that since warm-toned brown eyelooks are quite on trend at the moment, it’s hard to find really high quality, cool-toned palettes (if you have quite cool or neutral-toned skin like me, you understand my struggle haha!). The only shade that isn’t exactly cool isĀ CoverĀ which leans a little more to the warm side of the spectrum.


I really do think that Urban Decay hit the nail on the head with this packaging. Like all of their Naked Palettes, the packaging is really sleek, thin and light which makes it ideal for travelling or sticking in a handbag. However, it also feels really sturdy so I don’t have any worries when travelling.

Additionally, itĀ has a generously sized mirror, which is always a plus! The palette doesn’t have any wasted space for applicators or anything, which I definitely appreciate.


The shades themselvesĀ work really well together to create a very wide range of looks and combinations and I think that Urban Decay did a great job of putting together a selection of colours that work well and complement each other.

Another very cool thing that I found out recently is that Urban Decay is 100% cruelty free, which I personally think is really great!

So overall, I would 100% repurchase and recommend. I reach for this palette most days and while I don’t completely love every single shade, overall it’s a very nice, high-quality palette. Of course since Urban Decay is a somewhat higher end brand the price point is kind ofĀ high ($29 USD or $44 AUD), however you really are paying for excellent quality and I believe that Urban Decay is a brand that I 100% want to support.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you again on Sunday!




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