Christmas Table Setting Inspiration + Tips

Happy Sunday! It is only 5 days until Christmas and that means only 2 more Christmas-themed blogposts 😦 Today’s post is all about table settings. I don’t know if I’m the only weird person that’s like this, but I am absolutely anal about table settings. I know, right? I’m strange. But it’s something that makes me happy, so why not? Haha! The festive season is a great time to experiment with bold colours and mixtures of patterns, so today I decided to share how I’ll be decorating the table on Christmas day.

Below is how I’m going to lay out the table for Christmas lunch. I have a pretty clear colour scheme of red, white and silver (as well as a little gold) going and that is one of my tips for a great looking table. Having a consistent theme really helps to make the table look a little more professional and well thought-out.

It also helps if the table isn’t overly cluttered. Don’t try to do super intricate napkin origami if you’re intending on having Christmas crackers or a cute little touch such as a cookie table setting (which I love by the way, these ones are just gingerbread stars and they help to make guests feel welcome).

Along with this, ensure that everything is easily accessible and guests don’t have to go hunting to find a spoon. It’s a pretty obvious tip, but try not to have cutlery and plates all over the place. It looks messy and not very well put together.

But overall, keep in mind that Christmas day really isn’t about how well put together or organised you can make everything (I know I just completely contradicted myself, haha!). I don’t know about you guys, but our house tends to get pretty messy and that’s half the charm of Christmas. The day is about celebrating with your loved ones, so don’t stress if your table isn’t perfect and enjoy the day!

Have a lovely week and as always,




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