Happy Sunday lovely people! I recently discovered this super cool hair colour and care company Madison Reed and they created their own concept of Hair-o-Scopes. Let’s be honest, we all stop and read our zodiac signs every now and then to give insight into our lives. But horoscopes don’t just provide info of our careers and love lives, they can also explain a lot about our hair which I think is pretty awesome haha. After reading into it a little more, it turned out that my Hair-o-Scope is pretty freaking accurate!

So, my birthday is the 21st of September which places me just into virgo. According to Madison Reed’s Hair-o-Scope page, I’m hardworking and practical (which is definitely true!) and my good hair day is when it’s sleek and classic (100% accurate). When it comes to dying my hair, Madison Reed suggests that I stay true to myself with a natural-looking hue, which I can definitely agree with. So all in all, my Hair-o-Scope is very very very accurate haha!


So now it’s your turn. Head over to Madison Reed’s page and see how your Hair-o-Scope corresponds to your own personality and hair type. I’d love to see how accurate it is considering how true my own was, so definitely let me know in the comments!

And of course, check out Madison Reed. They’re an affordable and great quality haircare and dye company with a huge variety of shades that aims to give women the healthiest possible hair. They also have a super cool hair dye advisor feature that advises you on what shade to go for based on your natural hair type and colour.

I also personally feel like anything from Madison Reed would make a great Christmas gift idea for anyone you know that loves to dye their hair, considering the products are super affordable but also high quality. I’m sure many women would greatly appreciate that as a gift!

Madison Reed

Anyways, have a lovely week and I’ll see you all on Thursday with another Christmas post!




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