My Dream Workspace

Hello again my lovely readers, hope you all had a great week! I was recently inspired by WeWork, an innovative and unique business that aims to create coworking office spaces in cities around the world, to share with my readers my dream workspace. I loved the idea and jumped at the opportunity! So here is my dream workspace!

The first thing I want in a dream workspace is for it to be crisp, clean and uncluttered. Having a clear workspace means you can’t get distracted and can ultimately be far more productive! Because let’s face it, we’ve all been a little (or a lot) unmotivated and ended up procastinating. Don’t lie 😉

Picture by Minimal Desks

Subtle accents to make the room my own is an essential. While the space needs to be clean, it also needs to be able to make me happy, meaning, once again, I can work well and get what I need to do done.

Picture by Meg Biram

Going along with that, I’d love for my workspace to have a splash of colour and patterns to keep my mood uplifted. While I want my workspace to be neat and tidy, I also want it to be fun and unique.

Picture by Hominic

My dream workspace also needs to have a wide window that lets a lot of light in. A good window can really make a good room haha!

Picture by Countryside Studio

I also need a lot of flowers and a lot of candles. You’ve probably worked out that I absolutely adore flowers and candles, so they’re a must in any room of my house!

Picture by My Domaine

These are the main points that I would want (or need!) in my dream workspace. Thankyou so much to WeWork for including me in this fun project 🙂

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