How to Lighten Up Your Bedroom for Summer

Hi again, it’s Sugar Smile. Those of you who are in the northern hemisphere still have a little bit of summer left and those of us down here in the southern hemisphere are going into spring next month and the weather is slowly getting warmer, so I figured now would be the perfect time to share my 5 top tips on How to Lighten Up Your Bedroom for Summer. These tips aren’t necessarily just about cooling your bedroom down, but also how to lift the mood and make sleeping through the warm nights easier 🙂Collage experiment (2)

The first tip I have to freshen up a bedroom is to go crazy with candles. Parachute Home has some amazing candles that have the perfect scent to help you fall asleep at night, including lavender and fireside. These candles also look super chic and will suit any style of bedroom decor. Just be sure to blow the candles out before you fall asleep!

Picture by Parachute Home
My next top tip is to have fresh, clean linen. Once again, having a clean environment will make sleeping through hot summer nights easy and it’s a nice feeling to have fresh and light bedding. Parachute Home also has very high-quality bedding, definitely check them out if you’re looking for a new bedding set!

Picture by Parachute Home
My third helpful tip to lighten up your bedroom for summer is to open a window wide and let the fresh air in. If you live near the sea, take advantage of that! The fresh air will not only help you relax, it will also help you to feel refreshed and ultimately help freshen up your bedroom.

Empty Hotel Room --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis
Picture by Decosee
My fourth and second last tip is to purchase fresh flowers or plants. They may be a little tricky to maintain, but it will be worth it! Flowers really do help brighten the atmosphere in a room.

Picture by Snooze
My fifth and final tip is to declutter! It really is amazing how decluttering and cleaning your bedroom can help you feel better, lighten up the room and help you sleep. If you’ve got junk everywhere, it’s going to clutter up your brain and stop you from having a good night’s sleep. Spring and the beginning of summer is an amazing time to clean up, donate some of the stuff you don’t use anymore and lighten up your bedroom.

I hope some of these tips help you out and as per usual,

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3 thoughts on “How to Lighten Up Your Bedroom for Summer

  1. I love freshing up my room when spring comes around. Bringing out scented candles and decluttering makes a huge difference! I love the use of flowers too. Awhile ago, I bought a higher quality fake bunch of tulips and they look gorgeous in my room! These are some great tips, excellent post as always ❤️❤️

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