Exciting Announcement!

Hi again everyone! I have another baking post coming later today, but this is just a quick post to announce something very exciting that’s coming to my blog this month. Starting next Sunday (12th July), Sprinkle of Surprise and I will be collaborating to bring you a beginner bakers series.


Sprinkle of Surprise and I are super excited to share this collaboration, and we hope you enjoy it too! Please check out Sprinkle of Surprise’s blog, she has an amazing blog with some really great content, including food, lifestyle, fashion and beauty. I genuinely love her blog and have really enjoyed collaborating with her to create this series.

The idea of this series is to simply share three easy, delicious and less time-consuming recipes that are perfect for any beginner bakers. They’re created to be easy to follow and I hope you all learn something from them.

We will both be posting every following Sunday of this month, so the 12th, 19th and 26th. Make sure you follow Sprinkle of Surprise’s instagram and both of our blogs to keep up to date.

We are both super excited to share this collaboration and we’ve been working hard to make it the very best it can be 🙂

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