Review: NYX Full Coverage Concealer Jar

Happy July everyone! It’s insane that we’re past halfway through 2015!

I mentioned in my June Recent Obsessions that I’ve been enjoying the NYX Concealer Jar, and I thought I would share my review for the product 🙂



  • There isn’t a great deal to say about the packaging of this concealer. I like how it is very simple and it’s a good size to fit into drawers and makeup bags. The size is perfect because I find that a little goes a pretty long way, so I don’t end up using a lot of it each day and I don’t waste any in the small jar.
  • The packaging is simply plastic and it’s relatively hardy and mess-free.
  • Overall, the packaging makes for a very practical, everyday product and I like that!


  • This concealer comes in 12 different shades, 3 of which are purple, green and orange for correcting. I really do like the range of colours and I’m sure there’s a shade for everyone, not matter what skintone you have.
  • Most of the shades have a slightly peachy undertone, which means that it is excellent to combat dark circles and brighten the undereye area. I really like this about the product!
  • I wouldn’t really say that this is a completely full coverage concealer. It may be for some people, but I find it’s more of a medium coverage. I don’t mind and I do quite like the amount of coverage it gives for everyday wear.
  • This concealer is quite creamy and not too thick. It blends out quite well, especially with a beauty blender. It has a very natural finish.
  • I find that this concealer can crease a little if it isn’t set properly.
  • This product doesn’t really have much of a smell, if anything it just smells like standard makeup haha

Some of the pros of this concealer is definitely the colour range, smell and coverage. A con is that it can crease. However, overall I do love this concealer for everyday wear. I would definitely recommend this concealer, especially if you would like to correct redness or darkness.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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