Recent Obsessions (June 2015)

Hi again 🙂 It’s the end of the month, which means I’m sharing some of the things I’ve been loving recently. June has been a crazy, hectic month! I just survived all of my exams and assignments (whooo!), so I’m on holiday for two weeks. I am definitely going to use these next two weeks to bake, read and catch up on the blogging world. I’m also planning a few things with my friends that I am really looking forward to 🙂

Anyway, enough blabbing. Here are my obsessions!

Recent Obsessions (June 2015)

  • I’ve been loving a lot of songs recently. I really got into Tori Kelly this month, I especially love Nobody Love and Unbreakable Smile. She is a very talented artist! I’ve also been loving Fight Song by Rachel Platten. It is such a feel-good kind of song haha
  • This month, I’ve also been addicted to Season 6 of Pretty Little Liars. Ahh, the show has stepped up its game this season. All of the actors (especially Troian, Shay, Ashley and Lucy) are so incredibly talented and that has really shone through this season. But seriously, I think we’re all just dying to work out Charles’ story. It’s kind of frustrating haha.
  • My book favourite of the month has to be The Heir by Kiera Cass. I mentioned the first three books of the selection series last month and I only just managed to read the fourth book recently. It was definitely amazing, but it wasn’t quite as incredible as the first three books. I still enjoyed it though!
  • I’ve also been loving hot chocolate 🙂 If you saw my last post (The Best Hot Chocolate), you know how I’ve been obsessed with hot chocolate. ❤
  • My makeup favourites this month include the Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette. It is a gorgeous palette with amazingly pigmented colours. It is great for everyday, but it’s also great for slightly heavier looks!
  • I’ve also loved the Nyx Full Coverage Concealer. I definitely wasn’t a big fan of it at first, but the more I used it, the more I loved it. A little goes a long way and it’s a very good concealer for the price. I’m thinking of doing a more in-depth review, so let me know!

These are my recent obsessions for June! Hope you enjoyed reading 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Recent Obsessions (June 2015)

  1. I am obsessed with PLL, during the break between season 5 and 6 I spent so much of my time watching theory videos on YouTube! Marlene King really knows how to make people crazy, and I love all the girls ❤ I stream it on Wednesdays after it airs in the states on Tuesday night, so I spend all Wednesday morning avoiding facebook/instagram for spoilers as this season is really fast paced. X

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