Review on Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipsticks

Hope you’ve all had a great week! Today I just wanted to share these Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipsticks. They’re great lipsticks and they come in some really unique and fun colours. If you’ve tried them, let me know!

image1 (9)

My favourite colours of these lipsticks is definitely 006 Pink Blush and 206 Nude Pink. Pink Blush was the first one I ever bought and it’s a lovely, muted pink colour. The label isn’t really the true colour, it’s definitely a bit lighter. It’s perfect for a subtle, everyday pink. It’s not especially vibrant, it’s definitely muted. But I love it, it’s a very pretty, feminine pink. I think it looks great on all ages and skin tones. Nude Pink’s label also isn’t really the true colour. It leans toward an orange nude with some gold reflect and it’s absolutely gorgeous for summer. I really do not have another lipstick anything near this colour. It’s so gorgeous! I think it would look great with a tan, but it’s also great for everyday. If I’m not sure what kind of lipstick to wear, I’ll simply put this on because it looks amazing and goes with everything.

I really do love the formula of these lipsticks. They feel quite buttery and moisturising and they’re very easy to apply. They seem to glide onto your lips so well.

I also love the packaging. I think Rimmel did a great job with giving these lipsticks a simple but sleek packaging. I’ve never had any issues with the actual product breaking as I spin the tube. The packaging is also pretty tough. I may have dropped them a few times and they’ve never even cracked. They don’t leak or break in my bag either.

One issue with these lipsticks is in the name. Rimmel considers these “Lasting Finish Lipsticks” but I really don’t feel like they actually last all that well. I do find they rub off pretty quickly if I’ve eaten, drunk anything or touched my lips. However if you don’t mind reapplying throughout the day, you’ll still love these lipsticks.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little review! Let me know if you’ve tried these lipsticks, I love them and would definitely recommend them.


– Sorry for the bad pictures. Camera did not want to focus today haha

– I was thinking of doing a Q&A type post within the coming weeks. If you’ve got any questions or want to get to know me better, let me know in the comments!

– I think I’ll have a baking post up next week! I apologise that pretty much all of my recent posts have been beauty related. Anyone who has a baking/cooking blog knows how time-consuming baking posts can be! 🙂

– Do you guys like my new banner? I like it! It’s simple, but cute haha


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