My Recent Obsessions

Hi again 🙂 hope you had a great week! This week is something a little different and I’ve decided to try to make this a monthly thing. I’m going to share some of my recent obsessions 🙂 ❤

My first obsessions is two books! I’ve found myself reading a lot more recently and there’s tons of books I want to read.

The first is Divergent by Veronica Roth. I feel as though I’m the last person on this earth to read the Divergent series but ah well! I found it a really intriguing story. It was definitely quite thought-provoking and it was a very enjoyable read.


The second book is Unbroken by Laura Hillebrand. I saw the Unbroken movie and really enjoyed it. A weird little quirk about me is that I love war novels and movies, so to me it’s really interesting. It’s a pretty big read, but it’s worth it!


My second obsession is a TV show. I have recently been obsesssseddddd with pretty little liars. Ahhh, it’s just really interesting and I love it so much. Usually I’m not a big fan of murder-mystery-thriller kind of shows, but I love PLL. If you watch it, who do you believe is A? (No spoilers haha, I’m about halfway through season 2)


A blog that I have been loving reading recently is With All My Affection. Her blog is honestly so pretty and lovely and she puts up some really amazing content ❤


Two makeup products I have really been loving is the rimmel stay matte powder and garnier bb cream. They are both just lovely for light, everyday wear and are very affordable. I would definitely recommend them!



I think this is pretty much all of my recent obsessions. I would love to make this a monthly thing and I can’t wait to share more of what I’ve been loving ❤

Have a sweet day 🙂


6 thoughts on “My Recent Obsessions

  1. Hi, both my girls loved reading divergent and so their dad has been reading the books! I’ve seen the film – totally loved it but haven’t read the book yet as have just finished Ally Conde’s Atlantia – I bought this for our eldest when she went away for a Geography trip. So us ‘oldies’ (mid forties!!!) are enjoying the same books/films & dare I say music as our teenage girls! Not only that but I bought them both the Rimmel Stay Matte powder for Christmas!!! Love having teenagers (they have their moments), we can have adult conversations and they keep us young! I think I might even write a post on it!!! Keep up the fab work your doing bril. Bloglovin would be great for you as there is a massive audience for your style of post – but I’ve not seen anyone with your unique blend of baking/beauty/random thoughts.
    Sammie 😄


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