My Five Product Look

Welcome to a sneaky little mid-week post, I’ve had a little extra time this week! I’ve seen a lot of posts and videos recently of minimal makeup looks and thought I would share mine with you all today! I think this would make a great school look or even just for younger girls who are starting to get into makeup. To be honest, this is probably a little more than what I would normally wear to school so I think it’s perfect. Afterall, it’s school. You’re not there for a beauty contest, you’re there to learn haha. This look is also all drugstore so it’s super affordable.


1. BB Cream

I would definitely recommend either the Garnier BB Cream or the Maybelline Dream Fresh. Honestly they’re both super good but I think I prefer the Maybelline right now. It’s quite light and doesn’t feel cakey. It also seems to give your face a lovely, fresh-faced glow!

2. Powder

I think powder’s very very important to set down the liquid BB Cream. I would recommend the Rimmel Stay Matte. Everyone and their dog raves about this. It’s very light and long-lasting. It also doesn’t change the finish of your face too much, it simply makes it a little more matte.

3. Brow gel

Eye brows can really change the shape of your face. Shape them with a brow gel to finish your look off and make it a little more polished. I would recommend the Maybelline Brow Drama. I personally haven’t tried it myself but have heard some great things about it!

4. Mascara

If there was one product I absolutely could not live without, it would be mascara. I’m loving the Maybelline Mega Plush right now. It separates and curls your eyelashes. It’s perfect for everyday because it’s not too dramatic, but still gives you really nice volume! Although pretty much every maybelline mascara is amazing!

5. Lip tint

I am an absolute lip addict haha and I can not live without something on my lips. Since this makeup look is very simplistic, I think the Maybelline Baby Lips would be a great choice. These lip balms are so affordable and moisturising. They have some really great colours as well! I just chose this one in Cherry Kiss because it just darkens up with your lips with a subtle red tint!


– Yes! A surprise mid-week post haha

– I think I like maybelline products just a little haha

– If you click on the names for each product, it takes you directly to that brand’s website!


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