Gift Ideas for Someone Special

Welcome to the second part of my Valentine’s Day series! In this post I would like to share some gift ideas for someone special, for those of you who like giving small and affordable gifts to your loved ones 🙂

I’m just going to put in a quick disclaimer and say that you totally don’t have to buy people gifts for Valentine’s Day. It’s completely up to you how you spend your money and I know a lot of people would appreciate you simply telling them how much you love them, rather than spending a lot of money. I’ve purposely tried to keep these items at a very affordable price.

I’ve provided two or three ideas for a variety of people in your life and I hope this helps just a little bit!


For mothers:

  • Get a cute pink or red gift basket and fill it with bath essentials, a thoughtful letter and chocolate! Your mum will appreciate it and be able to unwind a bit. Plus it’s an excuse for you to go into lush 🙂
  • Bake your mum a few cupcakes! I know my mum loves my cupcakes, especially when they have special meaning. Theme it around something you love about your mum! Get creative, you could even put small paper (edible paper would be awesome!!) that simply says why you love her.
  • Write your mother a long, thoughtful letter detailing why you love and appreciate her and how thankful you are for what she does for you. I remember doing this when I was quite young and my mum still has them! It’s really cute and I know every mother would love a little appreciation 🙂

For dads:

  • Simply get your dad something he’s been wanting for a while. Most dads don’t care about the commercialization of Valentine’s day! He’ll appreciate it more and know that you really care 🙂
  • Another option is this, (this one’s for father’s day, but you get the point!). It’s a little tricky to explain, but basically you write a kind letter but replace some of the words with chocolate/candy/lollies. I think it’s super cute!

For grandparents:

  • I know that pretty much all grandparents really appreciate something handmade. Considering this is a baking blog, I would assume a lot of you enjoy baking. Bake your grandparents something nice and they will really appreciate it!
  • Along the theme of handmade gifts, what about a sweet card telling your grandparents just why you love them. I think everyone would appreciate this, grandparents especially 🙂

For sisters:

  • A lot of these ideas would work for friends too 🙂 A very simple idea is to decorate a jar with a cute ribbon, label etc then fill it with her favourite sweets/lollies.
  • This is similar to the last one, but if your sister is into baking put the dry ingredients of cookies into a jar, decorate and add a recipe on a cute piece of card. Check this link out:
  • Another super cute and simple idea for your sister is DIY coupons. Simply make a cute book filled with “coupons”. For example, shopping day, pedicure/manicure, coffee/dinner at your cafe of choice, massage. Get personal haha ❤

For brothers / male friends / cousins:

  • To be completely honest, most brothers and friends would appreciate food. Get creative, search pinterest and personalise it 🙂
  • If your brother or friend is old enough and you are too, consider giving him beer or another drink. Once again, be creative!
  • Some brothers and friends would really appreciate something personal and special. Write him a letter, card and pair it with food. He’ll love it 🙂

For female friends/cousins:

  • I had a really cute idea the other day. If you’re giving gifts to a few close friends, get a cute small-medium jar and cut out heart shaped bits of paper. Write compliments and reasons why you appreciate your friends on the paper, fold them up and put them in the jar. Decorate the jar with a ribbon and label and your friends can read the compliments when they really need them. I think it’s a very sweet way of always being there for your friends 🙂
  • For larger friendship groups, it’s perfectly acceptable to just get cute heart shaped chocolates or lollipops. I’ve even seen some lollipops with letters and names on them in sweet/lolly shops. You could also find cute gift bags/boxes and fill them with lollies and a small piece of paper with a compliment!
  • Another idea for close friends is creating glitter heart jars that can be used for candles or just storing cute things. Pretty much you put glue all around the inside of a mason jar and put a picture of a heart on the inside. Spray glitter spray all around the inside of the jar, ensuring it’s an even coverage and allow it to dry. Then peel off the heart and it leaves a heart shape. I’d seen this a few times and thought it was super cute! You could even try to match the colours to their rooms if they have a certain theme 🙂

For boyfriends (these are all from pinterest haha):

For girlfriends (more pinterest!):

  • All this gift needs is some pink sticky notes and a bathroom mirror or a random wall. Simply write why you love and appreciate your girlfriend on the sticky notes (one idea on each note) and stick them on the wall or mirror in a heart shape. I love this because you clearly spent some time on it, but it’s also really easy! (
  • This a really simple idea. Pretty much it’s just a brown gift bag with string tied around the middle and filled with tissue paper and small gifts. On it is written “brown paper package tied up with string… filled with a few of your favourite things”. I thought this was sooooooo cute and personal. Ugh my heart ❤ . This is definitely good for girls that are very musically-orientated! (, apparently “for him” but I think it’s cute for girls!)
  • The last idea (not from pinterest I thought of this myself haha) is once again a jar. What is with my obsession of jars?? Simply decorate the jar however you want (ie ribbon, label, celophane) and add in quotes from your favourite movies and songs as a couple.

If you need some more inspiration, check out pinterest!

I hope this gave you all a few ideas! Obviously, these ideas won’t apply to every single person in your life. Not every sister will like beauty, not every brother will like chocolate! But Valentine’s day is simply a day to spread love and show the people you care for how much you love them 🙂

Have a sweet day 🙂

Note: – This is a really long post! If I’ve made any typos let me know!!


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