Valentines Day Makeup Inspiration

Hi everyone and welcome to my Valentine’s day series. For the next two weeks, I’ll be posting Valentine’s-themed posts every Tuesday and Saturday ending on the 14th, which is Valentine’s day! This idea was given to me by a really great friend of mine, she’s very sweet and I love her to bits 🙂 ! I understand Valentine’s day really isn’t for everyone, it definitely never used to mean anything to me. But I think you have to make it special in your own way. Not everyone will enjoy this series and that’s totally fine!

To me, Valentine’s isn’t just about romance. It can definitely mean some really cute and creative dates between couples, but I like to think of it as a day to spread happiness and love. It’s a great chance to tell the people you love just how much you appreciate them, although you can do that everyday haha. There are some super cute gift ideas out there and you can really personalise them to make them memorable and special 🙂

What I really want to know is what are you all doing for Valentine’s day? I think I’ll be hanging out with my friends and family and I’m actually really excited for it this year! And of course for us beauty lovers, it’s very important that we look our best on special occasions 😉 . So for this reason I’m going to share some amazing makeup looks that I’ve found recently and have been really inspired! I will link all these looks, some people are so talented <3!

PicMonkey Collage

Links to images:


7 thoughts on “Valentines Day Makeup Inspiration

  1. Valentine’s Day never used to mean much to me either, but this year I want to make it a special day with my family and friends. Thank you for all the inspiration. Your posts never fail to make me smile! 💕


  2. Love your post! I totally agree – Valentines Day is about showing and sharing love. I usually like to bake heart shaped Cookies and I got a heart shaped springform cake pan for Christmas, so was thinking Red Velvet, Chocolate Ganache covered cake to share with my hubby and our 3 teenagers (one only has a couple of months to go so I’ve included him in the teenage category – he’s soo pleased!). I’ve just given my mum & sis hearts to hang in their houses. My girls are loving your makeup inspiration – keep going you are creating a fab blog site x


    • Aww thanks for your lovely comment. I love hearing about your family, it’s so sweet. Yesss that cake sounds amazing. Thank you so much for all your feedback. Have a good Valentine’s Day with your family 🙂 🙂


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