This or That Beauty Tag

Hi everyone! I know I said in my very first post that I would try to stick to posting every Sunday and I will promise I will once I get into a better routine haha! To be honest, I haven’t been baking much and I was feeling a little uninspired in regards to just writing a post. I apologise, please forgive me haha 🙂

This post is definitely something a little different and I understand not everyone will be interested in this, but I figured I would give it a go. I’m going to do the “This or That Beauty Tag”. I’ve seen a few times on the internet and found the questions here ( I have left out some of the questions, simply because they’re American and I don’t live in America, so I can’t really relate. This is something a little different and a bit of fun! If you’d like to see more of this let me know 🙂

blush or bronzer – blush
lip gloss or lipstick – lipstick (lip gloss just annoys me after a while haha)
eye liner or mascara – mascara (I think mascara makes a huuuuuge difference, eye liner not so much)
foundation or concealer – concealer (My everyday face makeup is just bb cream, concealer, powder and blush)
neutral or color eye shadow – neutral (although I do love experimenting every now and then 🙂 )
pressed or loose eye shadows – pressed (loose just gets a little too much for everyday use)
brushes or sponges – brushes, for sure!

OPI or china glaze – OPI
Long or short – I would lovvveeee long but I bite my nails really badly, I’m working on it haha
Acrylic or natural – natural (you can probably tell I keep my appearance quite simple haha)
Brights or darks – brights (they make me happy!)
Flower or no flower – no flower, I guess?

perfume or body splash – perfume (it makes me feel fancy hah)
lotion or body butter – body butter
body wash or soap – body wash
lush or other bath company – lush for certain (omgoshhhhh ahhhh love lush haha)

jeans or sweat pants – jeans
long sleeve or short – short
dresses or skirts – dresses (I think they look better on me than skirts)
stripes or plaid – stripes, but to be honest I don’t wear much of either!
flip flops or sandals – sandals all the way!
scarves or hats – scarves, hats do not look cute on me at all haha
studs or dangly earrings – studs
necklaces or bracelets – necklaces
heels or flats – flats (pffftttt I can’t walk in heels, my feet are stupid)
cowboy boots or riding boots – neither, I don’t really wear boots
jacket or hoodie – jacket (hoodies are more comfortable but jackets are cuter to me)

curly or straight – straight (I love curling my hair but my hair can not hold a curl for long at all!)
bun or ponytail – bun (but I wear both equally!)
bobby pins or butterfly clips – bobby pins
hair spray or gel – spray
long or short – does medium count? I love having my hair long, but I also love getting my hair done. I’m strange haha
light or dark – probably dark, but not insanely dark
side sweep bangs or full bangs – side sweep
up or down – down, but when it’s hot and humid my hair gets thrown up in a messy bun!

Rain or shine – shine (but rain is really cozy and lovely, I just don’t like when it rains for a few days straight!)
Summer or winter – winter
Fall or spring – spring
Chocolate or vanilla – both!

I hope you enjoy! This definitely won’t completely take over from baking on this blog, but I think it’s good to mix it up a bit 🙂

Have a sweet day 🙂


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