A very big thankyou

Hi everyone,

I simply wanted to dedicate this post to everyone who has commented, liked and followed this blog recently. It honestly just makes me smile knowing that people are enjoying reading what I have to say. It really does mean so much! As I’m writing this, my most popular post is my easy baked cheesecake with 14 likes. To me, 14 is about the equivalent of 4 million haha.

I think for a little bit, I kind of felt like my first few posts weren’t really for anybody. But now that I know that I have some of the sweetest followers, it’s really encouraged me to provide better content. I would absolutely love to branch out from just recipes. I think that if I could find something interesting related to baking, I could review it. I also would love to feature a little bit of beauty and fashion (hauls?) on my blog, since it is my hobby alongside baking. I understand not everyone would be interested in that, but if you are let me know! I might also end up doing some more of these random thoughts kind of posts haha. I really do enjoy just sitting writing!! Perhaps in the future, I could also do Q&A type posts? I really don’t know what will happen. 🙂

But I just wanted to thank you all so much! Seeing all this great feedback has really encouraged me to keep on blogging and improving this blog in any way possible. To me, blogging definitely isn’t to get recognised, it is simply to share my thoughts, ideas and creations. I know that I really really really want to put a lot into this blog and I am certainly excited for what 2015 brings!

Thank you all sooooooo much,

Sugar Smile 🙂 ❤


4 thoughts on “A very big thankyou

  1. Hi, I think it’s great that you love baking, but more importantly you want to share your recipes and the fun you have making them! Keep going, you’re doing great.
    I noticed you’ve put a URL code on your site. I’m also on WordPress and don’t know how to add this. If you’ve got any tips I’d really appreciate your help, thanks.
    Building a blog is way more fun than I ever expected and I’ve learnt so much about Meta, code – when I say learned – doesn’t mean I understand why it’s important, just that I need to have them!!!!
    Having categories allows readers to skip straight to their area of interest, so as you continue, including fashion, thoughts etc that’s a really good way of doing it.
    I know my 2 teenage girls (I really am a mum of 3 – was really pleased to see your site security protected), would enjoy reading about things like fashion, beauty.
    I don’t mean to sound patronising, but well done for ‘putting yourself out there’.


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